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Cherry Stone Grit, Plastic Bag Is A Multi-Purpose, Sharp, Crushed Rock That Can Be Sold As Poultry Grit To Aid In The Digestion Process For Poultry, Can Also Be Used As A Natural Alternative To Harsh Salts Which Can Cause Flaking & Scaling Of Concrete, 100% Quartzite, Environmentally Friendly Grit Will Not Dissolve, Become Mushy, Stain Surfaces Or Hasten The Deterioration Of Concrete Surfaces, Angular Shape It Is More Effective At Preventing Slips & Falls Than Regular Sand. Features

  • Cherry stone grit, plastic bag is a multi-purpose, sharp
  • Can also be used as a natural alternative to harsh salts which can cause flaking & scaling of concrete
  • 100% quartzite, environmentally friendly grit will not dissolve
  • Become mushy, stain surfaces or hasten the deterioration of concrete surfaces
  • Angular shape it is more effective at preventing slips & falls than regular sand

CherryStone Grit #2


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